Therapeutic Massage

Chronic or extreme stress impacts our physical and mental health and results in physical tension and pain, reduced immunity, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings or anxiety. Stress reduces our creative responses and puts us back into old patterns of defence.


There are many positive ways to manage stress and Therapeutic Massage is a choice for times when rest and recuperation is required. Nurturing and attuned contact is a basic human need to restore equilibrium. The specific techniques of massage directly effect the muscular-skeletal system, reducing pain and improving mobility and flexibility. 


Grounded in a meditative approach, I use both light touch, joint mobilisation and deep tissue techniques to facilitate deep relaxation and help the body recover from injury. 

Due to therapeutic ethics, please be aware that I have a no-touch policy in my Counselling practice. I do not offer Therapeutic Massage for current or former Counselling clients - nor do I offer Counselling to Therapeutic Massage clients. I can recommend other, skilled practitioners, on request.

In practice..


I offer Therapeutic Massage in a warm and peaceful room at Dean House Farm Pilates and Mindfulness Studio in Longframlington, where there is a team of other bodywork practitioners. 


At your first session I will undertake an assessment of your current concerns and health history to ensure that I am working safely and effectively with you.


I offer the longer appointment of 80 minutes to enable you to enter a deeper state of relaxation and reap greater benefits of treatment.


Regular appointments are not necessary, clients tend to book appointments when required or as part of a regular self-care plan.  

For further information about my qualifications and experience, please click here. For fees and locations click here.